Evi ang pour byoevi


The Ferdi has in the past contributed to the definition of the Economic vulnerability index (EVI), which is one of the three criteria for the identification of the Least Developed Countries. It was also proposed as a criterion for the allocation of official development assistance.

The wide variety of uses can lead the users to propose another composition of the index, different from the one now retained by the United Nations (opposite), by choosing different weights and/or different definitions for the components. This is what is allowed since December 2014 by the byind.ferdi.fr website (Build your Index).

The byind site uses retrospective EVI data that the Ferdi regularly produced and makes available to the public on its website. The current series cover 145 developing countries from the 1970s to 2018.

In the case you use the data, please quote: Feindouno S. and Goujon M. (2016) "The retrospective economic vulnerability index, 2015 update" Ferdi Working Paper P147, March 2016. Updated Data 2020 accessed on http://byind.ferdi.fr/

Any question can be sent to: laurent.wagner@ferdi.fr

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